5 ways to freshen your look for spring

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I love spring! I especially love feeling the weight of the winter coats lifted; the darker colors lightening and the sun peeking through the gloomy cold clouds! It is time to get ready for the sunshine! Here are 5 ways to freshen your look for spring!

1.       Get a hair cut

Spring is the perfect to shed some of that extra hair and opt for a fresher lighter hairstyle. I for one am a huge fan of the long bob. If you are not ready to lose your length have your hairdresser give you layers that remove some weight.

2.       Trade in the dark lip colors for more romantic tones

Dark red lips are wonderful for the winter time but spring is ideal for more natural lip tones! Choose peaches, nudes and light pinks to freshen your face!

3.       Get a pedicure and a new pair of heels to show it off!

Oh how I love peep toe heels!! Nothing is better, except maybe the cute color of toenail polish that sticks out through them.  Pedicures are a great way to get rid of the wear and tear from those cold winter months. Plus they feel great!

4.       Re hydrate your skin

Speaking of cracked skin…. Now is the time to rehydrate! First off, up your intake of water! You should be doing this all year round but now is as good of time as any! Next exfoliate and moisturize your entire body.  Soft supple skin is the key to feeling confident this season!

5.       Change your outlook

Spring is for new beginnings. It’s time to get rid of those winter blues. Breathe in some fresh air and smile!

I Hope you enjoyed these ways to freshen your look for spring. Leave a comment if you have any of your own ideas you would like to share!